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Search Engine Optimization
At the heart of any online marketing program is high rankings in the search engines. High search engine rankings continue to be one of the most effective ways to bring quality, targeted traffic to your Web site. Technology Aspects can help you significantly increase your rankings in the major search engines.

How do we do this? By following a process that gets results every time:
  1. Keyword Research & Analysis - Choosing the correct keywords for your business is a vital step in the search engine marketing process. In this research step, we conduct a client consultation to find out who your ideal customers are, and what products or services you are interested in selling to those customers. Then, we use a number of tools to actually see what relevant keywords Internet users are typing into the search engines. This allows us to precisely target the right keywords and get effective results.

  2. Site Optimization - After determining the best keywords for your business, we go through your site and optimize it for the search engines. Most search engines rankings are determined by a computer program, using specific criteria to rank the listings. Typically, people do not create the pages on their Web site with the idea of matching the specific criteria that search engines are looking for. We will tailor the pages on your Web site to be more "search engine friendly".

  3. Pay-per-click Placement - Pay-per-click search engines are fast becoming a key element in any successful search engine marketing campaign. These types of search engines allow you to bid on keywords or phrases, and your ranking is simply determined by your bid. Technology Aspects works with the pay-per-click search engines every day, and knows how to maintain the right balance of cost vs. effectiveness. We will conduct an analysis of your keywords, and determine where your bid levels should be set to get a high return on your investment.

  4. Submission to Search Engines & Directories - There are about 20 search engines and directories that account for over 99% of all searches on the Internet. We focus in on these and know how to submit your site so that it ranks well. Some of the directories, such as Yahoo!, charge a listing fee. Any listing fees are incorporated into your total budget at the beginning so there are no hidden costs or surprises.

  5. Ongoing Tracking & Analysis - This is probably the most important, and most forgotten, step in the search engine marketing process. Each quarter, we will send you a complete report on how your site is doing in the search engines. We know how much your traffic has increased and where you currently rank in each search engine. If you have an e-commerce site, we will also track your monthly sales.

Why do you need Search Engine Optimization?

  1. Major search engines command over 400 million searches everyday, day after day. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you get this piece of the pie, which you might be losing otherwise to your competition.
  2. SEO offers a much better return on investment than other traditional forms of internet marketing like banner campaigns and email marketing.
  3. SEO helps you capture targeted traffic... people who are already looking for the product or service you offer.
  4. SEO is a long term and permanent answer to your traffic woes. Once a website has been optimized for search engines it can stay at the top for long periods of time

Depending on how many online competitors you have (who are also targeting the exact same search term), your fees could range from as little as $350 per month for a first page ranking (for extremely niche industries which have zero competition) to over $10,000 per month for a #1 ranking (for extremely competitive industries).  We require a minimum deposit of $2,000 and may require a minimum of 5-10 target search terms for smaller accounts.

We invite you to contact us anytime for a free, no obligation estimate on your project.

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