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PHPBB Customization

phpBB focuses on a professional-quality modular design, high security, multiple-language interface, support for a multitude of databases servers and complete layout customization, all with a low execution overhead.

All this is supported by Technology Aspects's increasingly large, thriving and friendly community of members , ready to help with designing the templates, creating skins, any problems, suggestions or just for general discussion.

It can be pretty startling to your visitors if they visit your forum and it looks completely different from the rest of your website. In some cases they may even think they've been redirected to a different website and will leave. You can't take that risk. If you want your online community to flourish it's your best bet to make sure you're presenting a consistent design throughout your entire website. Contact us today for your customized phpBB template.

Are you considering to launch a forum section on your website or a brand new discussion board website? phpBB is one of the best choices available! it is free and open source.

PhpBB is developed by PHP programming language and it can be integrated with different database management systems. Good thing is you can deploy different styles and designs on your phpBB forums, you can get unique designs or designs that match with your website theme.

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Our PHPBB services include

  • phpBB2, phpBB3 development services:
    We can develop any custom functionality for your phpBB forum or expand an existing mod. For example, we can make your forum work with any other application you might have on your site, so that customers don’t have to sign in twice.
  • phpBB mod installation services:
    The mod installation requires a lot of attention and if a mistake is made the whole forum can be jeopardized. That's why we offer a professional installation done by qualified and hand-picked pros.
  • phpBB maintenance services:
    We’ll keep your forum up-to-date with latest security patches, set up forum backups and install simple mods (the ones within 1 hour). We can also set up a custom maintenance plan for you with your own requirements.
  • Other phpBB services:
    1. phpBB forum conversion services
    2. phpBB theme development services
    3. phpBB forum installation services


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